IT Architecture Organization
Community of independent IT-Architects
To architect and give form or body to needed private space on the Web. Which in itself becomes more and more  a Social & Cultural utility used by many, we need a community of changers like Independent "IT Architects" & Freethinkers.

How can we find new balances? Maybe by facilitating people with technology that meet their values and needs. Where Control is based on 'Trust but Verify' and not on Fear as it is nowadays. ( War on Terror, Climate etc.). There are threats for sure e.g. lack of child protection and so on.  But in his momentary status the Web isn't only a blessing but a threat for basic Human Values as well.

Combining the Architect role with the protection of human values like (individual) freedom, autonomy etc. in our Network Age is an ambitious goal.We will need other disciplines to hook on to it like Philosophy etc. That's why our intention is based on on the principles like Value Sensitive Design. And that's why we need Open Technology. So that everybody can take his/her responsibility and has an interface to join.

If you find this an important priority of our Age then please become  a member/partner of IT-Architecture Organization.  Let's co-create it! Let us find new opportunities. So.... self-starting people looking for a challenge and ready for a change please join.

IT-Architecture Organization (Aad Koppenhol)